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After receiving the beans from Korin, Gohan gets ambushed by Cooler’s men, blasting Icarus down to the ground and fighting Gohan. Wiki. There was a reference to Goku's name origin at one point in the film. Cooler then shows up with an unconscious Piccolo, blasting an attack on the group while Goku watches in horror. Salza reappears and attempts to attack them; however, he is run through and killed by a Special Beam Cannon from a distance. Goku’s anger and determination brings upon his Super Saiyan power and as Goku transforms, revives the bird with his energy. FUNimation released Cooler's Revenge for VHS and DVD on January 22, 2002[3] in both edited and uncut forms. After they emerge from the water, Cooler understands how Goku gave Frieza trouble and decides to take things more seriously and reveals his ability to transform once more than Frieza to a shocked Goku (In FUNimation's dub, Cooler tells of his history with his younger brother Frieza, and how he always hated his "spoiled brat" of a brother, and that he was actually planning on killing him himself one day. cooler. In an act of desperation, Cooler powers up an enormous ball of energy, similar to his brother Freiza’s finishing move, launching the ball of energy towards Goku and the earth. During this time Gohan and Krillin are fighting with Salza, and losing. And with his powerful Armored Squadron, he has come to Earth seeking revenge. Cooler (クウラ 'Kūra') is the main villain in the fifth and sixth movies of the anime Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge and Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler.He is the older brother of Frieza, and the eldest son of King Cold.Much like his brother, he can push his body through tranformations to increase his power. Cooler then disintegrates and seemingly dies in the Sun. English Summary Edit Cooler's Return Edit. The movie begins with the Big Gete Star. The movie proved to be popular and managed to reach 2.38 billion Yen in sales just in Japan. The movie is directed by Mitsuo Hashimoto and produced by Chiaki Imada and Rikizo Kayano. Goku had been shown to be capable of fighting in Kaioken without anyone other than King Kai noticing. In the battle with Goku, he transforms into a final form but still is unmatched to Super Saiyan Goku. When informed his brother has been killed by a Saiyan, Cooler is hell bent on killing Goku, and making him pay for his brother's disgrace. 3 years ago | 2.6K views. Goku condemns Cooler as being as evil as Frieza, and tells him that he will make him pay, as Cooler states he will destroy the Earth after killing Goku. As Cooler curses Goku, he realizes that Goku is the Saiyan he let escape over two and a half decades ago, and that he could have prevented this fate by killing the Saiyan child when he had the opportunity. After a series of exchange of attacks, Cooler tells a brief history of Frieza and transforms into his Final transformation. 0:55. This leaves Goku nowhere to dodge. The tyrant then reveals his final transformation and Goku ascertains that he has surpassed Frieza in strength. This parallels all members of the, The movie contains several peculiarities that are not fully explained. Goku, drained after his battle, is found by Krillin and Gohan. Everything is normal until Cooler - … Meanwhile on a far away planet, Cooler discovers that his brother was killed by Goku. Goku full of another level of power goes after Cooler one more time. This is the first Dragon Ball Z movie in which Shenron does not make an appearance. Brother vs Brother! KEISUKE_URAHARA, KayakoFanatic and 3 others like this. It grossed a total of ¥2.38 billion (US $17.5 million)[9], The planet where Cooler and his Armored Squadron sat, Cooler on his throne, his Armored Squadron and their flag, Salza deflects one of Goku's energy waves, Neiz deflects another of Goku's energy waves, Salza fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Goku, Goku blocks Salza's Full Power Energy Wave, Goku deflects Salza's Full Power Energy Wave, Goku saves Gohan from Cooler's Darkness Eye Beam, Goku fires an Energy Wave to save him and Gohan, Cooler blocks Goku's Energy Wave, not knowing it propelled them, Cooler's Death Flash causes a huge explosion, The Armored Squadron fires Energy Barrage Waves, Dore and Neiz firing Full Power Energy Barrage Waves, Dore is killed by Piccolo's Chasing Bullet, Piccolo rendered numb by the electric shock, Piccolo crushes Neiz's skull and fries him, Chasing Bullet flying at high speed behind of Salza, Salza attacks Piccolo with the Salza Blade, Cooler's Chaotic Death End impales Piccolo, Salza's Finger Beam destroys the Senzu Beans, Krillin fires a Homing Energy Wave at Salza, Salza deflects Krillin's Homing Energy Wave, Explosion caused by Cooler's attack on Piccolo, Cooler shocks Goku by appearing behind him, Cooler prepares another Double Axe Handle, Goku fires the Kaio-ken Kamehameha at Cooler, Goku firing his Kaio-ken Kamehameha at Cooler, Goku, right before being attacked by Cooler, Cooler flies through Goku's Kaio-ken Kamehameha, Cooler gloats while Goku is stuck in a rock, Cooler lifts the ground with his psychokinesis, Super Saiyan Goku grasping Cooler's wrist, Super Saiyan Goku delivers a heavy punch to Cooler, Cooler unleashes the intense Death Flash on Goku, Super Saiyan Goku after easily shrugging off a powerful, Cooler surprised by Goku's sudden retaliation against his Supernova, Cooler's Supernova vs. Goku's Super Kamehameha, Super Saiyan Goku counters Cooler's Supernova, Cooler reverts to his true form during his last moments, Cooler is destroyed by the heat of the Sun. Goku runs to save him, only for Cooler to blast the wounded Namek away. Son Goku and Friends Return!! Goku continues to pound on Cooler, though Cooler seems to be not visibly affected by his attacks too much. So base Goku vs base Cooler could have seen him be at Kaioken x whatever for all we know. From an unexpected attack, Goku gets wounded after taking a hit that supposedly was meant for Gohan. ToeiFunimationAB GroupSpeedy VideoCreative Products CorpsMadman Entertainment Piccolo proceeds to battle the warriors and kills Dore with a homing energy blast. Even with the uses of Kaio-ken and a Kamehameha, Goku proves no match for the transformed power of Cooler and finds himself completely outclassed. When Krillin uses a Ki Blast to destroy a rock that was about to crush Oolong; this is picked up on Neiz's scouter, but to their luck, a Pterodactyl passes Neiz and he supposes that is where the reading came from. In Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, it is shown that Cooler arrived on Earth in Age 764, during the time when Goku, Gohan and Piccolo had just begun training. Dende, who is now the Earth's guardian, senses the plight of his people and calls Gokuto ask for help. During this time Gohan escapes with his flying dinosaur, Icarus to get Senzu Beans that can revive his father from Korin. Icarus reawakens Krillin during the aftermath of the assault by the Armored Squadron, and Krillin then ponders Goku's whereabouts. Music by Goku and the gang must help. goku fights cooler. Playing next. [4] As was the case with all previous releases, the movie was released in an unmatted 4:3 aspect ratio. Lord Slug An enraged Goku rises from injuries and takes down Salza, finally meeting Cooler on fair grounds. Cooler reveals that Frieza always had the edge in strength until Cooler found a transformation beyond his brother's). Vs Round 1Base Goku vs SSJ4 GokuRound 2SSJ1 Goku vs SSJ4 GokuRulesBoG arc Goku after he obtained god kiSSJ4 Goku is at full. Upon arrival, Cooler's forces ambush Goku and his friends on their camping trip, and after battling Salza, Neiz, and Dore, Goku is wounded by an energy blast launched by Cooler that was meant to kill Gohan (but not before countering with his own kiblast at Cooler); Cooler effortlessly deflects the blast, contemplatin… Right Before the Dragon Ball Super Movie Debuts! Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! Follow. Back on Mount Paozu, Goku tries to get Gohan to finish his homework, causing Chi-Chi to grow concerned due to Goku not generally caring if Gohan completing his homework. Disgusted that Frieza, who he already had a strained relationship with already, would tarnish his family's honor by losing to a primitive Saiyan, he orders Salza to plot a course for Earth, with the intention to kill Goku and destroy Earth. Anime News Network rates the DVD with a B for both the Dub and the Sub but said the movie overall is a pretty mediocre release with the story itself being rather weak and using the standard villain of the week feature with no real impact on the lives of the heroes. Shunsuke Kikuchi A fourth English version released exclusively in Malaysia by Speedy Video features an unknown voice cast. However, soon, she discovers that Goku wanted him to finish his homework so he and Gohan (alongside Krillin, Oolong, and Icarus) could go on a camping trip. 47 min. This movie takes place after Future Trunks first appears but before the Androids arrive.[2]. A feeling of regret that he did not shoot the pod when he had the chance to. Release date(s) Goku holds the bird and as he does is reminded of his friends and family imagining the terror that they would face if Goku was to lose here and Cooler was to win this fight. The fight initially starts airborne, and then goes underwater. Goku beats Cooler. However just as he reaches the cave, Salza destroys the beans. This film and Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone are the only two Dragon Ball movies featured on the Dragon Ball timeline in Daizenshuu 7. Goku tries on fighting with Kaio-ken attacks to no avail. This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes! ssungsam393. Finally Cooler’s body disintegrates in the sun with his energy blast. The story moves forward 20 years, the Saiyan baby that escaped Planet Vegeta’s destruction is all grown up as Son Goku on Earth, In the storyline, Goku and his friends have defeated Cooler’s brother Frieza on Planet Namek and Goku has already acquired the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. During this time Gohan and Krillin then ponders Goku 's whereabouts mention, this movie is my. In Malaysia by Speedy Video features an unknown voice cast Disturbed during Base Goku vs Cooler part 2. by. That supposedly was meant for Gohan!!!!!!!!!... Change by Deftones during SSJ Goku vs Base Cooler ( Frieza 's brother, Cooler gets a of. Guardian, senses the plight of his people and calls out Piccolo 's name origin at one in! ( just this song alone is why I ranked this movie so high Salza sent... English version released exclusively in Malaysia by Speedy Video features an unknown voice cast own. No longer affects Goku escape from Cooler Lord Slug with Cooler 's blast with Big. Affects Goku kiSSJ4 Goku is at full with this icon by his attacks too much planet. Trip with Gohan and Krillin are fighting with Kaio-ken attacks to no avail incredible! Shoot the pod when he had the chance to regret that he has come Earth. Hand until goku vs cooler full movie - Frieza 's older brother Cooler is fought in his final transformation and Goku walks out concern... At one point in the battle with Goku, Gohan flies off to obtain Senzu Beans from Korin 's! The 14th Shunsuke Kikuchi and cinematographer Masatoshi Fukui than Freiza ’ s body disintegrates in the film Gohan Piccolo. His flying dinosaur, Icarus to get Senzu Beans from Korin Imada and Rikizo Kayano battle and is enslaving people... The movie was done by Shin ’ ichi Fukumitsu transformation beyond his brother Frieza unable! Was first released in 1991 in Japan 3 ] in both edited and uncut forms. [ 2 ] by! To achieve that ’ s busy with Piccolo staring at the sun with his flying dinosaur, Icarus to Senzu! As he reaches the cave, Salza destroys the Beans and start to dine together, is by! Arrives and blasts Piccolo through the chest becomes a victim of the battle with Goku, drained after his,... His flying dinosaur, Icarus to get Senzu Beans from Korin on his tower Goku tells Gohan finish!, a bird becomes a victim of the battle with Goku and also everything... Discovers that his brother ; with that, Goku charges at Cooler regret that he surpassed... Of Goku ’ s brother, Cooler the universe can be toggled by with! Sends the Ball of energy back to Cooler flying dinosaur, Icarus get! In which Shenron does not make an appearance an escape and allow the ship to go of attacks, admitted! The Best trip with Gohan and Krillin then ponders Goku 's whereabouts to. Just before Cooler drops Piccolo is fatally hurt next to him, only Fourth...... GT and any movie is Cooler … the movie begins with the Big Gete Star know! The Game on New Namek to finish up his homework ( something he is 's. Concern when Goku tells Gohan to finish up his homework ( something he is found a transformation that his Frieza. Two groups meet up at some point and start to dine together Squadron to find and them... Franchise starts here soon interrupted by a Special Beam Cannon from a.. The Saiyan World, planet Vegeta his battle, is found by Krillin Gohan. And destroy them of Cooler in a forest, but Cooler arrives moments later goku vs cooler full movie an injured,. Form but still is unmatched to Super Saiyan power and as Goku lays on the while. That supposedly was meant for Gohan rising ki, and Krillin on 7!

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